Saturday, February 27, 2010

Windows Vista Sp1+ Security Primer

Windows Vista SP1+ Security Changes
*Small guide on the big changes in security with Windows Vista SP1+*

I wrote this for Best Buy, so it's not exactly what I would consider "technical". If anyone wants any further explanations, let me know and I'll modify the pdf. This does not include information on the new firewall (outbound access controls), Windows Defender, SID's & security tokens, nor the move of drivers from kernel space into userland. <- 65.23kB


Physical Security: From Boot to Root

This was also written for Best Buy. I've seen a lot of posts about physical access, but not a lot mentioning current techniques on both attacks and preventative measures. Here's a modern (as of 02/27/2010) take on the old tale. <-- 99.94kB


Antivirus Programs

This covers a more modern take on antivirus software techniques and techniques on bypassing it. Again, this was written for Best Buy, so it lacks on the technicalities. Of course, if there's any questions, I'll be happy to write something more technical. <-- 57.62kB