Friday, November 21, 2008

We Need to be More Like Cyber Terrorists

Recently Obama had his cell phone "breached". What had happened was a couple of people working at Verizon Wireless got his number and looked at the logs of his cellphone. This got them a good amount of information like numbers he called, when he called them, and etc. This is something that is hard to prevent against (who is watching the watchers?) but not impossible. Sure, the people who did this were found, but at what cost and how long had they had this kind of access? They could have easily sold this information, or simply given it out to anyone. That is a hard price to pay when we are talking about the president of the united states!
What I want to know is what the CIA/FBI/NSA is going to do about this. People being able to look at the presidents phone log is likely to be a threat to national security. Certain branches of the government have a division for cyber terrorism and I am sure they come across phreaking and phreakers, otherwise this division would not be very good. These divisions have to be able to know what they can and can not track (or at least what is hard to track). Why can we not use this information to our advantage? Why does the president only go through one number when he makes calls and not multiple numbers? Hell, even better, why not set up an Asterix (or some other VoIP) server and modify it?
We need to get the ball going, the government has been showing more and more signs of them just not being ready for the future or security (no wonder the Chinese, or so called, have been getting into government systems). With both candidates campaign servers being owned, Obamas phone logs being read, a barber who ran an automated tool that checks Windows computer for Administrator with blank password and then accessing a couple hundred government computers, and etc. the government needs to get with it and step up their security game.

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